Welcome to Hot Yoga Hut!

Step into the peaceful island vibe we have located at 2108 Union Blvd. Lehigh Shopping Center, Bethlehem, PA 18018 (Next to CitiTrends).

Hot Yoga Hut is the home of HOT 40-RP ©, a challenging 75 minute sequence practiced in a heated room, consisting of 40 postures. The sequence was created and copyrighted in 2010, by Randi Perrett (RP), certified yoga instructor.

Whether you are new to yoga or practicing for many years, this hot yoga program is for every’BODY’. It is ideal for yoga students and athletes looking for a challenge. Hot Yoga 40-RP © is a therapeutic practice with emphasis on strength and endurance.

Our location in The Lehigh Shopping Center makes it convenient for you to catch a yoga class, grab a bite to eat, shop, get your nails done, and complete all your errands in one stop!

Come Experience our State-of-the-Art European Style Hot Room

The heat is pumped through our special blue flame duct work that stretches thirty-five feet long with sixty evenly spaced flowing vents.

This high tech duct keeps the heat circulating with the perfect mix of hot air and humidity.

The 20mm thick, free floating, cork under lay floor is very kind to your back and joints.

No concrete or stone floors that are hard on your body.

Our wall to wall mirrors complete this trendy hot room setting.