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Randi Perrett

Randi has been practicing all styles of yoga for more than 20 years. She received her 200 RYT through Lehigh Valley Ashtanga School Teacher Training, and has since advanced to an E-RYT  and YACEP Certification through Yoga Alliance. She also holds a Fitness Instructor Certification through NETA (National Exercise Training Association). Randi loves to practice and study yoga in New York City, where she is a member of various yoga studios. She has studied with yoga masters, Sharath Jois, David Williams, David Swenson, Kino McGregor, Ana Forrest and Dharma Mittra, just to name a few. Inspired by Bikram Yoga, Randi created and copyrighted her own hot yoga sequence known as Hot Yoga 40-RP ©. She describes her program as a physical and internally focused practice. Randi is an active member of International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), allowing her to remain current on methods of yoga as therapeutic treatments in western medicine. She will show you how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.

Randi also loves teaching yoga to children. She works with Parkland Athletic Department, helping to train high school athletes and with the Allentown and Bethlehem School Districts, working with elementary and middle school students. Randi also hosts benefits and fundraisers for worthy causes because she believes that yoga is a positive way to give back to the community and introduce people to its healing power.

Randi recently opened Hot Yoga Hut in 2014, to make a permanent home for her Hot Yoga 40-RP © program. Before she is a wife, mother, and yogi, she is a Christian, and plans to manage Hot Yoga Hut with a compassionate and loving attitude.



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Ali Trexler

Ali was introduced to yoga by her mother, Randi Perrett. After one Hot 40 class, Ali was instantly hooked. She uses Hot40 to detox, lose weight, and relieve stress. Ali is committed to her yoga practice and travels to New York City and Philadelphia to hone her skills. She stays current by attending accredited yoga conferences and posture clinics. Along with her Hot 40 yoga certification, Ali is a Fitness Instructor through NETA (National Exercise Training Association). Ali studied yoga and fitness with renowned Yoga Master, Sadie Nardini, of New York City. Under Sadie’s training, she received certification in Yoga Shred and Anatomy and Physiology.  She also holds certifications in CPR and first aid and Heat Emergencies. Ali is a Yoga Therapist for Traumatic Brain Injury patients at Universal Institute. She loves working with these patients and looks forward to teaching this weekly class.  Ali  graduated from nursing school in 2008 and currently works as a nurse. Her goal is to expand health and wellness through yoga and therapy. “Being a caregiver and a holistic healer, I believe yoga is the cure for all – pain, stress, anxiety, asthma, arthritis, exhaustion, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.” Ali’s high-energy, positive attitude, and motivational words will keep you working for the full 75 minutes. “Join me in my torture chamber for a challenging and rejuvenating workout that you will not regret. Remember, if you do not make time for your health now, you will be forced to make time for illness later.”



Tim Trexler

Tim began practicing yoga in 2009 with Randi. He practices Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga and Baptiste Yoga. Tim is an avid golfer and a member at Bethlehem Municipal Golf Club. He also enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and hiking with his Boston Terrier, Rex.  He keeps his yoga skills current with continuing courses in NYC practicing with his teacher and friend, Baron Baptiste.  Tim received specialized training in safety of forward and backward bends with renowned yoga master, Rodney Yee.  He completed an inversion certification with Amy Ippoliti, in New York City. Tim is also  certified in Hot 40 RP and is a certified Yoga instructor through Expert Yoga Training.  As soon as you enter Tim’s class you will feel welcome and comfortable.  Tim’s class is set to up beat familiar sounds that will keep your body moving and grooving.  Put all judgments aside and leave your egos outside the room. “Our Yoga Family is a place where you can let go and be yourself without being judged. Step into my room and let your mind be free and your body do the rest. Rock on Yoga Fam! Now, let’s KICK SOME ASANA!!!!



Christine Hess
Christine began practicing yoga in 2014.  “I use/practice yoga as an education on emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.”    She practices Ashtanga, Hot 40 RP and  Hot Power Yoga as has completed training with Randi Perrett.  She loves practicing in the hot room…The hotter the room, the deeper the practice!  Music plays a very important role in any of Christine’s classes.  Whether it be yoga, hot abs or meditation…each playlist is constructed to connect breath to beat; establishing the mood and flow for each class.  Feeling the breath and body aligning perfectly while establishing that rhythm which allows you to surrender into your practice….there’s no better feeling.    
Christine teaches hot abs at the studio.  A 45 minute abdominal and full body workout in the hot room designed to make you sweat like you’ve never sweat before!   Christine is also a certified AntiGravity Aeriel Yoga Instructor.  She loves working inversions into her practice daily.  She also enjoys leading Yoga Meditation workshops.  Meditation has become an important part in keeping Christine grounded.  She uses meditation and breathing techniques for sleep, flying and overall stress.   
Aside from yoga, Christine’s greatest passion is travel.  She has checked off 30 states and has been to more than 15 different countries.  She loves to road trip through countries to fully experience the local flavor, landscape and culture.  Her favorite road trips thus far: New Zealand, France and the Pacific Northwest.   When she isn’t traveling, you can find her on the trails hiking with her yellow lab, Gunner, cooking or on her stand up paddle board.    
Christine puts a large focus on alignment and control in all her classes.  Any class you take, you will be challenged mentally and physically….and….YOU WILL SWEAT!    
  Paige Gross
Paige Gross grew up in  Bethlehem, PA and has always been dedicated to her love of fitness and health. Paige was a three-varsity sport athlete from Liberty High School and went on to play division one field hockey at Temple University. Exercising and maintaining a healthy body and mindset has always been a top priority of Paige’s. While in college, Paige struggled with her body image and confidence, but through hard work and self-love, she has become an advocate for positivity and wellness when it comes to physical and mental health not only for herself but for everyone. Not only is her goal to help you go above and beyond any expectation you have for your body – both physical and mental- but more importantly she has a passion for spreading a mindset of body positivity and confidence to help people gain that same mindset.  Paige completed Group Fitness Training with Randi Perrett.


Kim Miller

Kim started practicing yoga relatively recently, but has found the practice to have a profound impact on many aspects of her life. Hooked from her first Hot 40 RP class, she attends classes as a student 4-5 times per week. She enjoys practicing Hot 40 and Hot 41 and mixing it up with Power Yoga classes and attending yoga workshops. She had previously suffered from multiple ailments that impact many Americans as a result of our modern-day lifestyles. Today, conditions such as hypertension, sleep apnea, daily headaches, chronic fatigue and insomnia are a thing of the past for her. She credits her transformation to clean eating and the life-altering impact that yoga can provide through its ability to increase relaxation, strength, balance and posture. She finds yoga simultaneously increases energy during the day, but provides a restful sleep at night. As a full time dermatology pharmaceutical representative by day, she shares her story with anyone who is interested in hearing it. As a trained Hot Yoga 40-RP instructor, she is anxious to see other students arrive at the same epiphany. Any spare time not spent at the Hot Yoga Hut is spent with her family, which includes her husband Scott and their two teenage sons, Scotty and Ryan and their beloved dogs, Murphy and Brewsky.


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Bill Trexler

Bill began practicing yoga in 2009.  Since a young age, he has always been involved in sports, but when introduced to yoga he became instantly hooked. He continues to practice and study all styles of yoga in NYC. In addition to his love for yoga, Bill also enjoys mountain biking, running, hiking and all outdoor activities.  Bill claims that yoga has  changed his life for the positive. He finds that yoga has made him  stronger mentally, physically, and just over all happier and less stressed. Bill believes that yoga is ideal for all athletes, creating agility, flexibility and preventing injury. “The benefits are never ending!”  Bill gives a “shout out”  to Randi Perrett, who first introduced him to yoga and inspired him to have a consistent  practice. He holds a college degree in Biology with a  minor in Chemistry, and believes that this has helped him to understand the human body systems and anatomy which he  incorporates  into his unique teaching style. Bill continues to stay updated with his teaching skillls by attending yoga workshops in Philadelphia and New York City with renowned yoga masters from around the world.  He also enjoys organizing and teaching workshops , guiding his students to a more advanced and challenging practice. He holds certifications in Hot 40 RP,  Inversions, and Arm Balancing. He hopes to spread his love for yoga to all of you at Hot Yoga Hut.


Dave Rehrig

Dave’s fitness journey began shortly after he entered into high school. As a two sport varsity athlete, he was exposed to a multitude of different workouts. He was first introduced to a high intensity weight lifting setting and instantly became hooked. As his experience with different training methods grew, so did his knowledge for fitness routines. He later brought his passion for health with him to college where he studied Finance at Penn State.  He wanted to take his body to the next level and in doing so joined the club wrestling team while also beginning to take yoga classes for the first time in his life. After graduation, Dave started looking for a studio that aligned to his goals both mentally and physically, and the Hot Yoga Hut was a perfect match. He started attending Hot Yoga 40 RP and Hot Abs classes in October of 2020 and has not looked back since. He is honored to be a fitness instructor and, has made it his personal mission to make every one of his students become the best versions of themselves. He vows to always bring his passion into the hot room and give his students the tools to break down their own walls to reach personal heights they didn’t know were possible. He cannot wait to see you in the hot room and get those muscles burning!

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Kayla Crowley
 Kayla was introduced to yoga at the age of 16. She fell in love with the practice. Kayla is passionate about mental health, spiritual connection, and the wellness that comes from many foods. She attended her first Hot 40 RP class one year ago, and has not stopped attending ever since. Hot 40 RP allowed Kayla to take her practice up a notch and push her body to her fullest potential. Yoga has allowed her to become self disciplined and balanced outside of the hot room. Kayla works full time as a Senior Recruiter when she is not at the Hot Hut. She is motivated and passionate to help others become the best version of themselves. “Everyone is on their own journey which makes life so beautiful. You can learn from anyone and everyone. Always be open to listening to others. And most importantly, yourself!” – Kayla Crowley 
Vikki Hegedus

Vikki Hegedus

Victoria’s health and wellness journey began while studying to become a registered nurse in 2014. Her fascination with the human body and how health/wellness have such a huge influence on how individuals move, feel, and heal prepared her for a future in fitness. Victoria graduated from nursing school in 2016 and during her time working as an RN had a desire to help with preventing health complications thus receiving her certification as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2019.

Fitness is now a part of Victoria’s everyday life. Along with working full time as a registered nurse Victoria is training to compete in her first NPC Bikini Division competition in 2022. Victoria is also excited to participate in all HOT YOGA Hut has to offer, by not only participating in the amazing classes, but to also instruct HOT ABS! Her goal is to educate and demonstrate how fitness impacts lives in a positive and exciting way!



Lindsay Wisser

Lindsay began practicing yoga in 2018, and very soon thereafter started noticing increased strength and balance, both physically and mentally.  She feels most at home when she is at Hot Yoga Hut.  Her practice has expanded by incorporating the breath, body and mind connection to her yoga regime.  Lindsay continues to be aware of the increasing benefits with each practice.  She participated in Hot Yoga Hut Teacher Training this past year and received her Hot 40 RP Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Randi Perrett, Creator and Director of Hot Yoga 40 RP.
Lindsay holds a Bachelors degree in English and Secondary Education from Susquehanna University and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Lehigh University.  She participated in a multitude of yoga workshops, Heat Emergency and Safety Training  and looks forward to passing on her knowledge to her students.
When Lindsay is not teaching, she enjoys spending time outdoors.  She is an avid mountain biker and loves hiking with her dog, Mazy. She is also a gardener and shares that her love for and connection to nature traces back to her family’s roots in farming and homesteading.  Check out her class and be ready to absorb this Instructor’s boat load of energy as she guides you through the asanas. You will all leave this class vibrating at a higher level.  If anyone wants to know why you are radiating, send them to Lindsay’s class .